The Official O.Z.O.R.A. Festival Airport Shuttle Transfer

For the past couple of years we have been the one and only official Transfer Service that escorted you between OZORA Festival and BUD Airport at 32 USD (30 EUR) / person
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O.Z.O.R.A Shuttle Departures

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BUD Airport to OZORA Festival
Number Date & Time Route Free Order
OZ728202017-07-28 20:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival0
OZ729112017-07-29 11:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival0
OZ729132017-07-29 13:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ729152017-07-29 15:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ729172017-07-29 17:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ729192017-07-29 19:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ729212017-07-29 21:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival5
OZ730012017-07-30 01:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival0
OZ730112017-07-30 11:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival0
OZ730132017-07-30 13:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival7
OZ730152017-07-30 15:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ730172017-07-30 17:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival0
OZ730192017-07-30 19:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ730212017-07-30 21:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ730232017-07-30 23:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival3
OZ731012017-07-31 01:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ731112017-07-31 11:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival6
OZ731132017-07-31 13:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival4
OZ731152017-07-31 15:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ731172017-07-31 17:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival0
OZ731192017-07-31 19:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ731212017-07-31 21:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ731232017-07-31 23:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ801012017-08-01 01:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ801122017-08-01 12:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ801162017-08-01 16:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ801202017-08-01 21:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival10+
OZ802152017-08-02 15:00:00BUD Airport -> OZORA Festival5

OZORA Festival to BUD Airport
Number Date & Time Route Free Order
OZ804142017-08-04 14:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ805092017-08-05 09:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ805142017-08-05 14:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ805172017-08-05 17:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ805222017-08-05 22:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ806072017-08-06 07:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ806092017-08-06 09:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ806112017-08-06 11:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ806132017-08-06 13:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport3
OZ806152017-08-06 15:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ806172017-08-06 17:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ806202017-08-06 20:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ806222017-08-06 22:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807072017-08-07 07:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807092017-08-07 09:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807112017-08-07 11:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807132017-08-07 13:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807152017-08-07 15:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807172017-08-07 17:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807202017-08-07 20:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ807222017-08-07 22:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ808082017-08-08 08:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ808102017-08-08 10:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
OZ808122017-08-08 12:00:00OZORA Festival -> BUD Airport10+
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  AIRPORT -> OZORA: Reserve a shuttle with a departure time that is at least 1 hour after your scheduled flight landing time!

  OZORA -> AIRPORT: Reserve a shuttle with a departure time that is at least 4 hours before your flight departure! The traveling from Ozora to the Airport takes 2 hours and the check-in at the airport takes another 2 hours.

  AIRPORT -> OZORA: check in for the shuttle 30 minutes before the departure time at the OzoraShuttle Bus Station located at the Airport Parking Lot, please see THIS MAP

  OZORA -> AIRPORT: be at our bus (Mushroom Field, where the Dragonfly/Mosquito is) 60 minutes before the departure time. Look at the MAP

  My ticket is only valid for the purchased shuttle departure.