Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a departure time?

AIRPORT to OZORA: Please calculate with a baggage reclaim time of at least 45 minutes after your flight arrival time - that's why you shouldn't select a shuttle departure that is very close to your flight arrival time. For example: if your flight arrives at 10:00 AM you should select a shuttle departure that is after 11:00 AM

OZORA to AIRPORT: Reserve a shuttle with a departure time that is at least 5 hours before your flight departure! The traveling from Ozora to the Airport takes 3 hours and the check-in at the airport takes another 2 hours.

How long does the journey take?

The travel time is approx. 3 hours with no stops - please plan your travel accordingly.

What happens if I miss my shuttle?

The ticket is only valid for the purchased shuttle departure.

How much luggage can I bring with myself?

The same amount your airline company allows you to bring for free. Additional large piece of luggage are subject to extra fees.

Where can I find the bus and when should I be there?

At Budapest Airport please find our bus at the Departure Level on right in the middle of the road that connects Terminal A and B. The bus has printed on it and the staff is wearing t-shirts as well. The bus will park there 15 minutes before departure and will leave on time according to schedule - for more info please check our MAP

At Ozora Festival please be at our bus 60 minutes before departure as we leave exactly on time according to schedule as people have planes to catch. Our pick-up place is at the Mushroom Field, where the Dragonfly/Mosquito is. For more info please check our MAP

What if I can't find my Reservation Code?

Your Reservation Code (QR Code and a Reservation Number) can be seen under the My Reservations page, it is also sent to you via e-mail and it can also be found on the Invoice. Without these, you will need to present an ID so that we can find your reservation in the system. Those people who have their codes with them are the first to board the bus.

Can I get a refund?


I have a child. Can he/she travel for free?

No. Children can only travel with a valid ticket, regardless of their age.

Can I modify my reservation?

You have the right to modify your reservation at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time for an administration fee of 10 EUR by sending an e-mail to

Can I sell my ticket?

Our ticket is protected by security measures which will be counter-checked upon boarding our bus. In any given situation, the first ticket that is handed over to us for inspection is treated as the original - every other copy of it will be considered illegal. Doing counterfeit copies of a ticket is a violation of law and such actions will be faced with a respective law countermeasure.

We can only guarantee our service if you use a ticket directly bought from us. For every other ticket that comes from a source different from us we can not be held responsible in any way and using such ticket is the sole responsibility of the ticket holder.