OzoraShuttle Webshop Terms and Conditions

Service provider details:

1. Obligatory technical steps to sign the electronical contract:

Required steps in order are: Registration, and making a reservation. Reservations can only be made with a previously made registration. After a successful registration (will be discussed later on) the Client is authorized to enter (log in to) the online reservation system. The system will notify the user in a new window if logging in was forgotten or the registration was not successful. At this point, the Client has the following choices: if he/she has an active registration he/she can log in to the system and continue making the reservation. If he/she did not register, he/she can choose to do it right away. If the Client would rather not continue making a reservation, the last offered option is to navigate away from our website, closing the web browser and automatically cancelling any previous actions taken during the whole procedure.

2. Registration

1. Before making a reservation, the Client must register itself at our Online Reservation page to authorize itself and gain access to the Online Reservation System.

When the registration button is pressed, a window will ask for the username and the billing data. The correct input is necessary to complete the registration.

The input errors can be modified using the common text-editing methods (delete, backspace buttons, etc.). By pressing the finalize registration button the system processes the information, thus stopping, cancelling or modifying the registration is not an option at that time, given the fact that the interface denies further input (is not interactive). (A mistyped e-mail will be sent to the given account.)

If requested, we will delete your personal profile / registration from our database. Regarding information about handling, modifying or deleting your personal data, a written statement can be requested from info@ozorashuttle.com.

Please be advised, that making an online reservation or selling one automatically means signing a valid contract for that transfer. Our service is avalaible for anyone who is at least 14 years old on the day of registering and is – by the means of the corresponding laws, rules and regulations – acting by its' free will and consciousness, registered and accept the terms and conditions presented herein. The registration is free of charge, only the following is required:

The Client is responsible for the information provided during the registration.

The Client is sent an e-mail with the corresponding login information from the Online Reservation System, as the final stage of the registration. With the password and the e-mail previously provided, the Client may log in to the system.

The Service Provider has the right to deny the registration request without further explanation, and to withdraw it in case of the violation of the terms and conditions.

The Webshop Terms and Conditions are all the requirements and rules that are to be acknowledged and abided by during the use of the Reservation System.

During the user registration, when the "Continue" button is pressed, the Client officially signs a contract with the Service Provider and with this clearly states the acceptance of the Service Provider's Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the website.

3. Order policy

Process of making a reservation: (login is required to finalize the reservation)

Logging in to the Reservation System at the main page is only possible with a valid Client registration, with the input of the valid e-mail and the valid corresponding password.

Upon the input of invalid or incorrect login details, the system will deny access to the Reservation System and show a warning notification.

With a successful login, the details of a reservation are shown and then the reservation can be finalized by pressing the button "I accept the terms, Let's Pay".

If the Client has registered, but did not log in to the Reservation System before filling out the reservation order form, the system will notify the Client. With a successful login, the reservation can be finalized and made.

Further information on the reservation and reservation execution can be found at pt. Number 4 of the Online Terms and Conditions.


1.1 Purchasing in the Reservation System can only be done via Internet.

1.2. Everyone with a valid registration has the right to purchase in our Reservation System, and doing so acknowledges and strictly abides by the rules and regulations provided herein.

1.3. The Client is reponsible for the registered data. Fake data counts as the direct and conscious misleading of the Service Provider, and is to trigger the corresponding law procedures.


The Client is to use the reservation system to make such a reservation that one of it's endpoints is the BUD Airport.

The corresponding transfer fee is calculated and displayed after the reservation has been made, based on the data of said reservation.


The Service Provider ensures warranty and assurance strictly by the operative laws and regulations for the offered service.


4.1. By making a reservation in the Reservation System, the Client clearly states the acceptance of the webshop rules and regulations herein, and is fully aware of the marketing (buying) procedure and the fact that tickets are only valid for the purchased shuttle departures and that there are no refunds.

4.2 Reservations and Registrations made thru the Sales System can only be accepted by the Service Provider if all required fields are filled-in in the order / registration form by the Client. The Service Provider can not be held responsible for the disturbances, damages, loss caused by not filling-in the required forms, neither for the surfacing technical and data transfer faults and errors.

4.3 If the reservation/transfer can not be realised by the fault of the Client, the Service Provider tries to inform the Client about the error.


5.1 The Client has the right to modify the reservation at least until 26th of July 2024, 12 noon, for an administration fee of 10 EUR by sending an e-mail to info@ozorashuttle.com. (subject to availability of free places)


6.1. Purchasing our service thru the Reservation System assumes that the Client is at least 14 years old on the day of purchase and has/acknowledeges/knows all the benefits and restrictions of the Internet as a service, and by using it acknowledges and accepts said disadvantages, especially referring to the surfacing technical difficulties, errors, faults and performance issues.

6.2 The Service Provider can not be held responsible for the loss/damage of any nature caused by one of the listed errors/sources herein during the use of the Reservation System:

6.3. The Service Provider can not be held responsible for any cause, damage or loss regardless of being direct or indirect, that originates from connecting to the Sales System, connecting ro and purchasing using the Sales System is for the Clients' own responsibility.

6.4 The Client is responsible for defending and preventing its' computer from intrusion and/or data phishing/theft.

6.5. The Service Provider can not be held responsible for any vis maior happenings or for any occurances/happenings that are not under direct control and influence of the Service Provider.

6.6. The Service Provider has the right to freely modify any list price, deadline, which are to be taken as updated and operative the moment they are published on the Sales System website.

6.7 The Service Provider is to fill-in a lawsuit against anyone who wields an intent of defraud, regardless of comitting it successfully or not.

6.8. The Service Provider can not be held responsible for any loss or damaged caused by a Third Party to the Client.

6.9 Given the fact that the Client infringes/violates the terms and conditions, the Service Provider has the free right of invalidating the Clients' registration, transfer and purchase. In this occasion, the Client has no right to opt for/claim any kind of refund, furthermore, there isn't a possibility for the Client to fill-in a lawsuit or for a legal redress.

6.10 The Client understands that the ticket is only valid for the purchased shuttle departure

6.11 The Client undestands that the optimal pick-up times should be calculated as follows:

AIRPORT to OZORA: Calculate with a baggage reclaim time of at least 1 hour after your flight arrival time.
OZORA to AIRPORT: Reserve a shuttle with a departure time that is at least 5 hours before your flight departure.
For problems that arise from the Passenger not choosing their shuttle departure times correctly (such as missing a flight and so on), the Service Provider can not be held responsible.

6.12 The Reservation Code is a requirement of initiating the transfer service, without it the service can not be provided.


7.1. General conditions

The Service Provider realises the ordered transfer at the date and time given in the reservation confirmation.

If the Seller , by it’s own fault, does not realise the transfer at the confirmed date and time (until the deadline) then the Client is to be refunded within 30 days the amount of money he/she was charged for.

7.2. Notification of the transfer date and time

The Service Provider informs the Client via e-mail at least 30 minutes after the reservation has been completed and the payment transaction has been finished of the pick-up time and date.


The Client pays the price of the order service at the time of making the reservation via credit card. The reservation is considered payed and registered, when the bank's online system notifies the Service Provider of the successful transaction. The Service Provider attaches the invoice of the payment to the confirmation email, which clearly shows the total price of the reservation.


9.1. AS MANAGEMENT Kft. (Hungary, 2724 Újlengyel, külterület 057/49.) handles the personal data specified by you confidentially, in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

9.2. The Service Provider, as the administrator of the registered Clients' data, does everything that's possible to ensure the legitimacy of the processed data given. However, the Service Provider can not be held responsible for any error or misconduct originating from erroneous data entry of the Client.

9.3. The Service Provider requires the least amount of personal and billing data (name, address, phone number and email) to execute the Service and by using the reservation system the Client acknowledges to provide said data.

9.4. The Service Provider does not ask for, handle or store credit card data - during the reservation process, the Client is forwarded to the eCommerce system of CIB Bank for credit card and payment handling.

9.5. The Service Provider maintains the right to change the Online Terms and Conditions.

9.6. The Service Provider does not hand over your data to any third party and will only release your data to the competent authorities or court upon their request in such cases that are regulated by law.

9.7. The Service Provider complies with the retention period of section (1) of paragraph 169 of act C of 2000 on accounting by handling your personal data for a period of eight years.

9.8. The Client may review its' personal data at any time.

9.9. The contract does not count as a written contract, the Service Provider does not print out the reservation, does not register/file it, only keeps it in an electronical database.


The terms and conditions presented here contain the important rules and regulations of the contract formed upon purchase. Regarding the matters not discussed, the Parties consider the Civil Code, and the ones who are absent consider the formed contract as a reference. The language of the contract is English.

The contents of the Online Terms and Conditions herein are subject to copyright, not including the presented juridical references.


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