OzoraShuttle Terms and Conditions

Service provider details:

1. Mission of the ozorashuttle.com service

1.1. The Service Provider handles the booking of Passengers on a scheduled ride form Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest to Ozora and from Ozora to Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest for the listed prices ont he ozorashuttle.com website.

1.2. The Service Provider is to publish the current transfer fees on the www.ozorashuttle.com website.

1.3. The transfer fees to and from Budapest are only valid for a destination Ozora.

2. Entering officially into contract (making a reservation):

The transfer to or from Liszt Ferenc airport means entering into a "Personal Transfer Contract" - as described in the "Travelling Terms and Conditions" if the Passenger makes a reservation on-line using the Ozorashuttle website's 'Make a Reservation' section at least 1 hour before the bus departure time (subject to availability of free places), providing the exact address, contact phone number and the flight departure time. After that a Reservation Confirmation E-Mail will be sent.

3. Making reservations are to be done:

online at the www.ozorashuttle.com website

Methods of payment:

by credit card when making an on-line reservation

4. The contents of the Personal Transfer service

Transfer between airport and Ozora:

4.1.a. The Service Provider is to provide the departure of the busses to Ozora at scheduled time, see on www.ozorashuttle.com

Transfer between Ozora and airport:

4.1.b. The Service Provider is to provide the arrival of the busses to the Airport Liszt Fernec Budapest at scheduled time., see on www.ozorashuttle.com

Ozorashuttle does not transfer luggage without an accompanying passenger.

5. Requirements of ordering the service

The Ozorashuttle service can be reserved by any person who complies with the following rules and requirements:

5.1.a The Passenger is at least 14 years of on the day of starting the transfer.

5.1.b The Passenger is not yet 14 years old, but is accompanied by an adult during the whole transfer.

5.1.c. The passenger is obliged to stand ready to be escorted with a valid reservation for the given transfer.

5.2. The Passenger must be in perfect condition to begin the transfer. In the event that the Passenger is drunk, under the effect of drugs and/or chemical substances, carries an infectius or disgusting sickness/disease, wears disgusting clothes and carries disgusting luggage - can be excluded from transport.

5.3. The Passenger can only carry luggage which fully complies with all of the airline travelling rules.

5.4. Forbidden to carry as luggage in the vehicle:

Dangerous material (flamable, acidic, poisoneus, radioactive, etc.).

Firearms, blades and knifes (except if carried in a case, and kept in the luggage area).

Items that would disgust other passengers.

Object that would hurt other passengers' physical condition, damage or make the vehicle dirty.

Such object that is not suitable for transport by shape, size and nature, for example wheelchair, bike (the listing is not complete)

Living animals

6. Responsibility of the Service Provider

The Service Provider has the responsability towards the Passenger - as stated in the personal transport contract - to fulfill the service as follows:

6.1.a. If the transfer is completed exceeding the time given and confirmed, or it is exceeded due to the fault caused by or related to the Service Provider, the company is to send a refund via bank transfer equalling the amount of the service price, within 30 days of filing the complaint. If additional damage or loss has happened, originating or related to the Service Provider, it is the Service Provider's obligation to give a refund.

6.1.b. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage or loss

• if the Passenger provides the destination or the contact phone number incorrectly

• if the Passenger does not show up at the pick up place recorded in the reservation at the airport or ozora

6.2. The Service Provider has the obligation to provide a safe journey (be it to pay for an additional transfer) to/from the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport/Ozora - for the Service Provider's own cost - in case the Service Provider is responsable for the technical malfunction that renders the transfer incomplete.

6.3. The Service Provider is responsible for the damage and loss to the luggage and passenger, caused by it's owned and maintained Ozorashuttle service. For objects left in the vehicle, the Service Provider can not be held responsible.

The Service Provider is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a source that is outside of and/or can not be related to the Service Provider's operation terms, or by an unforeseeable (nor foreseeable by the Passenger, nor the Service Provider) event - vis mayor. (For example: change in the flight schedule, heavy amount of precipitation that renders the roads and parts of the city unusable as travelling route, festivals and programs, delegation visits, roadblocks due to accidents.)

7. Responsibility of the Passenger

7.1.a. The Passenger is obliged to be ready to start the transfer and to be waiting for the vehicle scheduled to handle the pick-up - as described in in Section 4.1. If the passenger is not at the settled and confirmed meeting point on time, the bus does not have the obligation to search for the Passenger.

7.1.b When arriving at the airport, only the amount of time described in Section 4.1 is avalaible to handle the luggage and board/exit the vehicle, as the vehicle can not be kept waiting any further amount of time at expense of other passengers.

7.1.c. The Passenger is responsible for all the damage and loss caused by him or her being late.

7.2. In the event the Passenger contaminates or makes dirty the vehicles of Ozorashuttle, he/she is obliged to pay the total cost of the restore, steriliziation, disinfection and cleaning, which is EUR 100. Causing damage on pupose is to provoke a filling in of lawsuit, involving the court in the matter. Causing unintentional damage is to be paid in full.

7.3. The Passenger is to file a complaint towards the Service Provider in written form within 15 days of reserving the service or within 15 days after the requested pick-up time in the reservation has passed.

8. Resolving Complaints and Problems

The problems and complaints must be accompanied by the original documents, and are to be sent by e-mail to info@ozorashuttle.com.

The Service Provider has the obligation to thoroughly investigate the complaint, and inform the Passenger about the results in written form within 30 days. Also, in the event of the complaint being valid, the Service Provider is to administrate and take measures in order to remedy the situation.

9. Validity

The "Ozorashuttle Travelling Terms and Conditions" are valid from the 1st February 2018, until further notice or recission.